Furby gets chatty new 'Party Rocker' pals

Credit: Raymond Wong/DVICE

We had our doubts about the new Furby and its LCD eyes, but the kids seem to love them. Furby's comeback has been so successful that Hasbro is expanding the lineup with four chatty little furries called the Party Rockers.

If a Furby had a baby, it would look and act like a Party Rocker. They share the same DNA as their larger Furby brethren in that they can connect with the Furby app for iOS and Android, although some features won't work on the new guys. The Party Rockers also have eyes that change (only two different ones) and different voices. However, unlike the larger Furby, each Party Rocker's personality is set in stone. What personality your Party Rocker will have depends on which color configuration you get. For instance, If you buy the ditzy Party Rocker, it's going to spill Valleyspeak until its three AAA batteries die. That said, I'm not sure what kind of personality each one has, as that's still being finalized.

Furby Party Rockers also like being social. They giggle and laugh when shaken, and will interact with other Party Rockers or full-sized Furbies. Trust me, I'm not kidding when I say they can really get on your nerves quickly. Then again, I'm not the Party Rockers' target demographic, which is aimed at six year olds. If you're looking for a perfect babysitting toy, a Party Rocker might be it.

Look for the Furby Party Rockers at retail and online this spring starting at $22.99 in orange/blue, pink/teal, red/black, and teal/purple.

To see for yourself how loud the Party Rockers can get, hit play on the video below.

Via Hasbro

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