Finally, an official Starship Enterprise brick set for Trekkies

Credit: Raymond Wong/DVICE

You might say Kre-O is a knockoff of Lego, but honestly, it's hard to hate blocks that connect to other blocks. Since Lego has the rights to create Star Wars sets, rival Kre-O is getting the Star Trek license. Here's the first official Star Trek brick set we would pay money for: the Starship Enterprise.

While nowhere near as impressive as Lego's 5,000-piece Millennium Falcon set, Kre-O's Starship Enterprise, based on the ship from the upcoming Star Trek: Into Darkness movie still impressives.

The 18-inch long set consists of 432 pieces and fits five Kreon figurines. Its roof pops off to reveal the Enterprise's cockpit and its thruster engines have flaps that flip open. This isn't just a model; the Enterprise also has glowing lights and a torpedo that launches. It's sturdy, too, and we imagine one can actually play with this set and not worry about it falling apart in 10 minutes.

How much will the Enterprise cost? And when can you buy one? Hasbro is selling it for $69.99 in May to coincide with the next Star Trek movie. Until then, please take a gander at our photos of the Kre-O Enterprise in our gallery.

Via Hasbro

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