Arctic Shock Super Soaker turns ice cubes into chilling blasts

Credit: Raymond Wong/DVICE

Soaking others is going to get even sweeter this spring. At first glance, the Arctic Shock Super Soaker looks puny compared to last year's considerably large battery-powered Lightning Storm, and it's even smaller than 2011's Thunderstorm. But don't think for second that this little guy is weak.

You see, the Arctic Shock's 25-ounce chamber doesn't just store water; it also holds ice cubes. No, you can't shoot the ice cubes (that would hurt), but they can be used to chill up your ammunition. And as the ice melts, it'll refill the blaster, so it 'll fire for longer. If you have old water clips from the last few years, those should work with the Arctic Shock, too.

The Arctic Shock also holds its own when it comes to range — it's capable of hitting targets up to 30 feet away. As with many of Hasbro's mid-range Super Soakers, a shoulder stock (from a Nerf gun) can also be attached to the back of the Arctic Shock for additional grip.

We wish the Arctic Shock was battery-powered, but no such luck this year. The new Super Soaker comes out this spring for a cold-as-ice $19.99.

Via Hasbro

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