Moths learn how to drive, then go out cruising for chicks

Most young human males go out looking for girls as soon as they have access to a car, but who knew that lowly silk moths want to do the same thing? To test the moth's female tracking abilities, a group of researchers at the University of Tokyo built a special mothmobile so their moths could go out cruising. Placed inside a confined area, the scientists pumped in female moth sex pheromones down at the far end, then observed how the male moths used the vehicle to move towards where they figured they could score some moth nookie. Of course once they got there they must have become pretty frustrated, but what's a moth going do in revenge other than eating the researcher's sweaters?

Naturally there is a serious side to this research, and the scientists say they hope to learn more about how smell tracking can be used to pilot robots in disaster situations.

Check out the video to see the horny moths trying out their new wheels.



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