Solar-powered balloon lifts you into the sky with garbage bags

German artist Tomas Saraceno spends a lot of time thinking about the sky and space, themes that are evident in his innovative work. His latest foray into the former involves the creation of a hot air balloon that's powered by the sun.

The concept, described by Saraceno as "59 Steps To Be On Air By Sun Power," allows anyone to construct what he calls a "geodesic solar flying machine" using black polyethylene (the stuff used in garbage bags), a car radiator fan, a 12-volt battery, bicycle rims, tape, string, a child safety seat, and a bit of engineering savvy. The contraption is clearly not the safest idea for travel, but it appears that Saraceno's goal was to create a flying machine that puts environmental friendliness ahead of efficiency.

You can check out more images of the air balloon here, and if you have the guts to undertake building this elaborately designed vehicle yourself, Saraceno offers instructions on how to make your own here. Let us know how it goes.

Via DesignBoom

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