RFID-equipped iPhone case wants to replace your keys

Many cars come with wireless keys that you don't even have to pull out of your pocket, yet most homes are protected using door lock and key technology from the 17th century. This iPhone case brings your home's locks into the 21st century where it belongs with embedded RFID chips that unlock your door with a simple tap.

Unlike some other systems we've seen that send unlock codes out over the Internet, the CalypsoKey case works only if you're within a few inches of the lock. That means there's less chance of hackers finding a way to unlock your door, but it also means you won't be able to open the door to let someone in when you're away from home.

The CalypsoKey is an option that can be added to iPhone cases made by CalypsoCrystal. Several codes can be added to a single case, which could be a big deal for janitors aching to dump that giant ring of keys. Cases that work with the CalypsoKey option sell for about $100-120, and you'll have to find your own door hardware.

CalypsoKey, via Apartment Therapy

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