Online dashboard maps the world's tweets in real-time

More than ever, Twitter is a treasure trove of data that not only reveals daily trends, but can also be used as a real-time search tool for breaking news and events. However, harnessing such a huge amount of data can be tricky.

In a bid to pin down at least a fleeting sense of what it all means, Paris-based developer Francke Ernewein put together a global dashboard called Tweetping that offers a real-time visualization of the tweets and hashtags being transmitted around the world. The display not only shows activity, represented by points of light a global map, but also real-time counts of words, characters and tweets being written. 

This dizzying flow of information puts all the Twitter activity from North America, Africa, Asia, and Europe in one place, but the speed of the updates occur so fast that only a computer, or a perhaps a person with a photographic memory, would be able to make any real sense of the information stream. Nevertheless, the tool is beautiful display of exactly where and how often the world's Twitter population is connecting, and you can see it for yourself at the link below.

Tweetping, via The Atlantic

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