Light-up USB cable eliminates fumbling in the dark

Plugging in your cellphone so it can charge overnight sounds like a simple task, but those fiddly micro-USB connectors used on most non-Apple phones make the job tougher than it should be, especially in a dark bedroom.

The USB Micro Light Charger Cable provides a brilliant solution, with a tiny LED flashlight built into the connector that lets you illuminate the problem area. The light draws its power from the charging source, so as long as you keep the other end plugged in, light will always be available at the phone end with the push of a button.

Light-up USB cables are really nothing new, but most of them provide what looks like a disco light show, rather than the subtle illumination of the Micro Light cable. This means that you won't risk rousing a sleeping partner as you get things connected together, for instance.

The Micro Light cable people are currently raising funds over on Kickstarter, and pledging as little as $12 will get you on line for a cable once production starts up in April. Currently they have raised just over a fourth of their modest $9,000 target, with almost a month left to join in.

Check out the video, where developer Dustin Omdorff explains how he developed the idea.

USB Micro Charging Light (Kickstarter), via Gizmag

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