How to make your own bagpipes for under $10

Music purists 'round the world might balk at a how-to-build-your-own-bagpipes post. It's true that a homemade instrument probably won't sound quite the same as something sold commercially. Fear not, all you bagpipers out there (including our own Evan Ackerman), Instructables user smartin014 isn't trying to sully the image of your beloved instrument with his DIY version. 

I think it's pretty cool that you can make a set of working pipes with bits and pieces that you already have around your house, or could get for very little money. All it really takes is PVC tubes, a plastic bag and a lot of duct-tape. And if they end up sounding a bit off, you just made your own bagpipes - not a bad way for a curious, music-loving DIYer to spend an afternoon, eh? 

Here's a word from bagpipe-maker extraordinaire, smartin014:

Having played the highland bagpipes for a couple years now and having just finished a course on maintenance, I was greatly interested in building my own set of pipes just for fun. A few days later, a duct-tape and CPVC bagpipe emerged!

Assembly (from having taken out the parts to having a playable instrument) takes roughly 4-5 hours.

Here's a video of a seasoned piper giving the membrane pipes a spin! (Just a side note... the drones were HORRENDOUSLY out of tune in this video. They can sound better, really!)

Watch the video below to see the duct-tape bagpipes in action and if you want to try your hand at this project, see smartin014's full instructions here

smartin014 on Instructables,via YouTube and Boing Boing

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