Hotel of the future has eyelid windows and interactive walls

Hotels, particularly small boutique hotels, have become frequent targets for architectural innovation, but rarely does that innovation carry over into the actual structure and functions of the hotel rooms inside. Spain's Serrano Brothers, a celebrated team of interior designers, aims to change this with their concept for the hotel room of the future.

Dubbed the "ITH Room Xperience," the team put together a hotel room that uses next generation technology to create the ultimate guest experience. The room features oculus-style windows that look out onto the cityscape, multi-touch transparent wallscreens that can be controlled via smartphone to display photos and videos, NFC-enabled devices, Microsoft Surface tablets and tables for personal computing, interactive floors and mirrors, and even a fingerprint payment system.

A presentation on the design concept is currently on display at the Fiturtech International Tourism Trade Fair in Madrid, and you can ogle the room's design and techy functions in the concept video below.

Via Tnooz

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