Image of the Day: Largest true-color image of the night sky

Nick Risinger has been working on an app called SkyGuide, which is a guide to the, you know, sky. To do a proper job of it, Nick decided that he had to take one single picture of the entire sky. This is impossible to do all at once, of course, so instead Nick took 37,000 individual photos over the course of 60,000 miles of travel. After putting all of those individual pictures together, he ended up with the largest true-color image of the night sky ever created, at 100,000 x 50,000 pixels.

As for the app itself, it looks pretty cool, and this is coming from someone who generally hates apps. It can't replace the actual night sky, but it can tell you where to point your eyeballs to see some good stuff. The new release featuring this image drops on December 19.

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Fifth Star Labs, via Gizmodo

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