Sleek new Lumus headset edges in on Google Glass' turf

Credit: Lumus

The folks over at Lumus have had their noses to the grindstone in recent months as they prepared their newest AR headset for unveiling at next month's CES 2014. Looking at the images that we have of the stylish Lumus DK-40, that hard work seems to have paid off with dividends.

When compared to the wired, cobbled-together looking headsets we've seen from Lumus in years past, the DK-40 is practically a dream come true. Housed in a Google Glass-sized module on the right temple is an Android-running OMAP processor, a motion sensor, five-megapixel camera and a battery. The AR display is integrated right into the headset's right lens and supports 640x480 VGA resolution.

Awesome as these improvements are, the Lumus headset does still have a little way to go before it can be considered a Glass-killer. The battery life of the current model — which is a developer unit, to be fair — is downright awful at just one or two hours of use. Lumus also has no plans to bring their headset to market themselves and is currently on the lookout for companies interested in integrating the headset's tech into their own products. Developer units of the DK-40 are slated to begin shipping by the beginning of next year, but getting your hands on one might be a mean feat as Lumus isn't even telling how much these units will go for.

Lumus, via Slashgear

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