Crazy Honda concept: An airbag for your smartphone

Credit: Honda

Every now and again something wanders out of Honda's Willy Wonka-esque concept lab and shocks the world. This is not one of those times. While it looks like it functions perfectly, the smartphone airbag is just a terrible idea, and Honda knows it.

In a recent video released by Honda, a Japanese gentleman with the sort of "sciency" mannerisms usually reserved for movies like Flubber is appalled by the senseless destruction of cat photos that happens when smartphones are dropped. He then begins some exhaustive "research," which at one point, has him standing at the end of a conveyor belt and hastily scribbling notes as smartphone after smartphone is flung to its demise.

The end result of his work is a smartphone case which rivals a George R. R. Martin novel in girth. When dropped, an accelerometer in the case swings into action, deploying six little airbags. To be fair, the phone does not break upon impact, and Honda has no plans to actually release this crazy contraption upon us all.

If they did, we might have some serious concerns to share with the folks at Japan's automotive giant. Concerns like "what kind of pocket do you expect me to carry that in," and "what if it goes off during a call?" Thankfully, Honda isn't bringing their face-punching, single-use phone case of mass destruction to market. And as relieved as we are about that, we do admit that seeing the airbags deploy to save the phone is pretty awesome.

Youtube, via Gizmodo

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