Ski goggle HUD is like Google Glass for the slopes

Are you type of person who suffers from withdrawal symptoms if you're deprived of your smartphone for more than a few minutes? Then this HUD (head up display) system could be the answer for when you're shussing down the slopes.

The Snow2 from Recon is the latest and greatest version of the ski HUD display we saw in prototype form a few years ago, only now it's a real product, and it's better than ever.

The Snow2 connects to your Android phone or iPhone with Bluetooth, and can be controlled with a simple button pad that straps onto the outside of your ski jacket. This means no more fumbling in your pocket and taking off gloves to access data on your phone. The HUD can be switched between several screens, showing either performance information about your skiing, or more typical smartphone functions like texting and email. Why you would want to be texting someone while zipping down the slopes is beyond me, and perhaps texting while skiing could become some kind of an offense down the road. Still, the skiing data with information about your altitude, speed, and jump height certainly sounds like a lot of fun.

The Recon Snow2 is designed to fit into a specially shaped cavity built into some ski goggles, and is available now for $400.

Check out the gallery to see how some of the screens look.

Recon Instruments, via Oh Gizmo!

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