Microsoft's 'smart bra' stops emotional overeating

Credit: Microsoft

Some men might find bras to be the highest order of puzzling technology, but they’re actually relatively simple. Too simple for the scientific community, it would seem, since the past few years have born a bra that basically administers mammograms, one that harnesses the energy of breast motion and the almost-frightening internal bra. Now, it might help women who struggle with emotional overeating.

Before any feathers are ruffled, it should be noted the bra isn’t designed because the creators think women emotionally eat any more than men do. Instead, the bra rests over the heart, where it can monitor said heart’s beating. The sensors then record the beating and the emotional states it implies. It keeps a record of this on your smartphone. Meanwhile, it's up to you to keep track of when you (regretfully) snack. The smartphone app uses its database to figure out when you’re overeating, and it sends you a message when it thinks you’re in danger of doing just that.

There are some downsides to the bra. Women who participated in the study had to remove the bra every three to four hours for recharging. But, even with that (major) hiccup, the bra provided 75 percent accuracy in predicting the women’s emotional states.

At present, Microsoft is pushing forward with its smart bra idea. There’s no set date for it to hit the shelves, so hopefully it will have figured out the battery issue by then.

And men, Microsoft is trying to find a way to incorporate the technology into your underwear, but boxers and briefs are too far from the heart. The company promises to keep trying. Between this and Sony's patent for a "smart wig," we'd say wearable tech could get pretty interesting in a few years.

Via Mashable

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