BMX meets Motorcross when this offroad hybrid bike hits the trail

Credit: Motoped

Whether you're in the market for a fuel efficient around town vehicle or an off-road machine capable of tearing up the scenery, the folks over at Moto Fusion have the perfect bike for you. Half BMX, half motocross, this is the Motoped: a strangely perfect hybrid bike for just about anyone.

Built around the Honda xr50 engine, this bike is first and foremost a DIY bike enthusiast's dream come true. The Honda xr50 is the world's most popular bike bike engine, with an unending cornucopia of compatible parts in the market, so personalizing your Motoped is a snap.

The engine also gets over 100 miles to the gallon, so green-conscious riders could certainly do worse. Even noise pollution is cut down when the four-stroke xr50 is compared to a two-stroke engine. And of course, if you really want to go green, pedal power is the way to go.

But this hybrid bike is more than a tinker's plaything. It's an awesome ride that mixes the fun of BMX and the power of motocross into a single, sleek bike that will have you powering down trails and over berms faster than you can say "Mom, can I have a ride to the skate park?" The Motoped is currently up for grabs via Moto Fusion's Kickstarter page, where the bikes have already raised over $200,000. A complete kit will run you, at least $1,500, but there are frame kits as low as $599 for those of you who want to build your own custom Motoped.

Motopeds, via Kickstarter

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