Artist transforms building into a massive, playable Rubik's Cube

Credit: Javier Lloret

Walking down the street in Linz, Austria, you might not expect to see a giant, glowing Rubik's Cube sitting in your path. But right now, if you're passing by the Ars Electronica building, that's just what you'll see. You may even be handed a small, all-white cube of your own and offered the chance to solve its colorful big brother.

The project is the work of artist and designer Javier Lloret, and it looks like a ton of fun — with a smattering of frustration. After all, playing a Rubik's Cube that is also a building presents a couple of unique challenges, like being unable to see more than two sides of the cube at any one time.

Playing the cube, on the other hand, is entirely organic. However you twist or rotate the little white interface-cube, your movements are mimicked by the building. If you need to see the bottom of the cube, simply flip over the controller. Outfitted with a gyroscope, motion sensors and a Bluetooth link to a nearby laptop, the interface-cube makes the game at once fun and challenging. The best part of the installation just might be that, no matter how good you are at solving these puzzles, the other folks on the street will get one heck of a light show.

Javier Lloret, via Core77

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