Superman RC drone spotted in the skies over California

We recently gave you a look at Disney's robotic, flying dragon that had many visitors at the theme park doing a double take. But trying to make sense of flying dragons might actually be easier than trying to wrap your mind around the idea that someone like Superman might be real, as a recent video captured in California illustrates.

The RC (radio-controlled) Superman is a life-sized device that was recorded in flight by cyclist Kyle Gough during a recent ride along the U.S. West coast. There have been smaller versions of this kind of flying Superman released before, but the human scale and realistic shape of this version is by far the most convincing. Of course, we've seen these kinds of RC planes before, but slapping a cape on one and giving it the iconic Superman branding takes the illusion to another level.

You can check out the RC Superman flying rather gracefully in the video below, as well as another RC Superman video that offers a view of what Lois Lane's view from Superman's back might be during one of their fictional trips around the planet.

Via LiveLeak

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