The ISS is really, really loud

They say that in space, nobody can hear you scream. What they don't say is that it's because it's damn loud up there. Astronaut Chris Hadfield recorded the ambient noise aboard the International Space Station and sent it back down to Earth to give us all a sense of what it's like.

We sort of think of space as the epitome of quietness and calmness. And apparently that's true, if you're out there in a space suit by yourself. But inside a spacecraft like the ISS, there are a million things that all have to be running all the time to keep residents from having too much of something (like heat) or not enough of something else (like oxygen). Put all of it together, and it's not exactly quiet. Listen for yourself:

It's white noise, at least, but it's no wonder that astronauts have trouble getting to sleep.

Via The Atlantic

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