Image of the Day: Comet ISON is no more

Credit: NASA / ESA / SOHO

The composite image above, taken over a period of about three days, tells the story of comet ISON's brush with death past the Sun. When we say "brush with death," we mean that yeah, it's pretty much totally dead at this point. ISON has passed on. It's no more. It has ceased to be. It's expired and gone to meet its maker.

This is an ex-comet.

We were all hoping that ISON would pull through and maybe even brighten a bit to put on a sky show for us on its way back out of the solar system, but no such luck: the images from the SOHO spacecraft (seem to) clearly show ISON disintegrating into a cloud of dirty ice. Ah well, it's likely that another comet like this might come along in a century or so. No big deal.

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