Image of the Day: Panorama from the Moon

Despite the fact that China landed a robot ON THE MOON 10 days ago, they've been frustratingly slow at releasing all of the pictures and video that we're pretty sure they're getting back. Is that because there's a second lunar rover with a laser cannon on it that they don't want us to see? We're not going to speculate about that. What we have seen so far is the picture at the top of this article, as well as the following bluriffic panorama, which is almost certainly not concealing that aforementioned second rover equipped with a laser cannon that we're continuing to refrain from speculating about.

It's been so long since humans have had a presence on the Moon that we're very much looking forward to following China's rover as it rolls off on its selenic adventure. We'd be looking forward to it even more if we had any confidence that we'll have much in the way of footage to look at, but we're pretty sure that as soon as the laser rover that almost certainly doesn't exist gets out of camera range, China will be a little more forthcoming with the pics.

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Via Universe Today

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