Gallery: Star Trek home is like living on board the USS Enterprise

Star Trek fans, or Trekkies (or is it Trekkers?), tend to be some of the most devoted in all of fandom, so it comes as no surprise that some of them want to live their obsession. Few, however, have taken it quite as far as this Canadian fan of the original 1960s series, who has turned several rooms of her home into a set right out of the original show.

Line Rainville says that she loved the show as a child, especially William Shatner's character Captain Kirk, because come on, who doesn't. In fact, she often wished that she was Spock, just so she could be near Kirk so much of the time.

Line's Enterprise home project started life as a themed home theater room in the basement, but soon expanded into several other rooms of the home. Eventually she added an Enterprise bathroom, a bedroom styled like Spock's quarters, and even her own transporter room. Details were important too, with Star Trek style food blocks in the kitchen, and a set of the Vulcan bells as seen the episode "Amok Time."

Check out the gallery to see more pictures of Rainville's house.

Via CNet

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