Combine a bunch of classic Christmas toys into one work of genius

Getting the latest tech toys under the Christmas tree is always cool, but it's hard to beat the classics for fun that really lasts. This is especially true if you can combine all of those classic toys into one awe-inspiring Rube Goldberg-style machine.

This short video was made by a British company called DMI Productions, but it features a lot of toys that would be familiar to any American kid. It kicks off with a run of the Mouse Trap game, which by itself was inspired by Rube Goldberg's whimsical machines. Then you go through all of the classics from toy trains to a Slinky to playing cards and billiards. At the end, we get a cheerful holiday message.

We've seen plenty of videos with lots of tumbling dominoes or Lego machines that seem to go on forever, but this machine is unique because of the wide variety of toys it uses. What's even more impressive is that the video appears to have been shot in one take, suggesting that the whole thing worked without a hitch at least one time.

Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, we hope you'll enjoy this fun little piece of holiday cheer.

Quirkology (YouTube), via Sploid

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