Watch the DARPA Robotics Challenge live, starting today

Credit: DARPA

The most advanced roboticists in the world have been preparing for months in preparation for a single competition. Top engineers from places such as MIT, NASA and Boston Dynamics, have swapped out lines of code, fashioned metal arms and legs and tested their Terminator-like towers of robotic muscle. Ready or not, here comes the DARPA's Robotics Challenge (DRC)!

Hosted at Florida's Homestead Motor Speedway, The DRC is a series of tasks set up to test the abilities of a robot first responder, working to secure a disaster zone. Even for the best of the best, this challenge is fairly extreme. Robots will have to operate and exit vehicles, climb ladders, operate valves and clear debris, all while staying on their feet. The teams are broken up into two sub-groups: red, signifying a robot built by the entrants, and blue, representing teams making use of DARPA's Atlas robot.

As of the writing of this article, Team Schaft and Team Wrecs are tied for first at six points apiece, with NASA's Team Valkyrie trailing at zero points thus far. This could all change over the course of today and tomorrow, so be sure to check in with the feeds periodically for updated scores. We've set up a video gallery for you so that you can swap from feed to feed and watch as your favorite robot competes in the many challenges.

DARPA Robotics Challenge, via IEEE Spectrum

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