Philips flattens the light bulb

It seems the world is ready for a new light bulb. We’ve got light bulbs that are also flashlights. We’ve got light bulbs producing Wi-Fi. We’ve got light bulbs that can last for 30 years. But none of that will prepare you with what Philips’ has coming down the pipeline: a flat light bulb.

Called SlimStyle, the bulb isn't just a series of tubes like you might be used to (like the ones that probably adorned the ceiling of your school). Instead, it looks like a classic light bulb that’s been run over by a truck, if said light bulb were made of rubber and not glass and squished instead of shattered. By using LED lights arranged in a horseshoe around the indented part (think a thumbprint in the middle of an uncooked burger), it encourages more efficient heat dispersion than traditional LEDs do. This means it removes the need for aluminum heat sinks, which weighed down bulbs of the past.

Said heat sinks are also what make most LED bulbs pricy, so their removal is one of the reasons this bulb will be so cheap. We don’t know its exact price yet, but we do know it’ll be under $10, placing it at just a little more expensive than traditional light bulbs.

SlimStyle, which burns at 2,700K, gives off the same amount of light as a 60-watt bulb, but it only consumes 10.5 watts, thanks to its LEDs. To convert, that’s an average of $1.26 of energy each year. And it’s got a lifetime of 22 years, so you’ll change it a likely maximum of five times, if you receive it at birth.

The one caveat here is that it only comes with a three-year limited-coverage warranty. If you simply consider that this is a light bulb, that's not bad. If you consider that it's supposed to last for more than 20 years, that's not exactly good. Either way, it’ll be on sale on January 2, exclusively at Home Depot, and it’ll cost less than $10, meaning lighting your room will be cheaper than buying a six-pack of fancy beer or a couple of magazines.

Via Mashable

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