Image of the Day: Russian PAK FA fighter jet gets new shark camo

Credit: Falcrumx

As much as we like the look of the F-22 Raptor (and we certainly do), the Russians have managed to give their own fifth-generation fighter, the PAK FA, a much better paint job. The last time we saw this futuristic aircraft, it was sporting a not-entirely displeasing blue camo color scheme, but this latest one is apparently called "shark camo." Inspired by reef sharks, the dark body with white edging is intended to make the aircraft look smaller from a distance, and even in the picture, it's noticeably effective.

While the PAK FA isn't going to be combat ready until about 2016, it's already poised to literally give the F-22 a run for its money. The F-22 is likely stealthier, but the PAK FA is probably going to be more powerful and more maneuverable, and since it costs three times less than an F-22 does, it only has to be half as good to end up better.

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Via Defence Aviation, michaeldec, and falcrumx

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