Go off-roading with this tank of a wheelchair

Credit: Der Zeisel

This is Der Zeisel, the tank tread equipped wheelchair that can conquer just about anything mother nature can dish out. In German, Der Zeisel means "the ground squirrel" and its operators just might feel like they're zipping about just like a squirrel when they strap in to this off-road machine.

Powered by two 21 horsepower electric disc motors, Der Zeisel can put out 31 pound-feet of torque. That's enough muscle to conquer sand, mud, stone, snow or anything else you might come across. There's also a roll bar just in case you get a little over-zealous. We wouldn't judge you for making use of the roll bar either, since Der Zeisel can easily climb hills and hit speeds of 22 miles per hour.

While watching its creators turn donuts and ford streams looks like a ton of fun, this tank wheelchair can also put in a good day's work. Der Zeisel can be equipped with headlights upon request and has also been demonstrated plowing fields and hauling gear through the snow. With a battery that lasts about five hours per charge, you'll be able to put in quite a bit of work before the lunch whistle blows.

If you're in the market for a swanky off-road beast of a wheelchair, then Der Zeisel sure seems like it will fit the bill. But as with any top-end vehicle it does come at a premium cost. A factory model will run you about $30,000 with upgrades like headlights costing extra. If you can swing it, Der Zeisel sure does look like the best way to get around on two treads.

Der Zeisel, via TechnaBob

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