Samsung and LG reveal whopping 105-inch curved Ultra High Def TVs

Credit: LG

Curved smartphones may be gimmicky, but we assure you, curved TVs are anything but. At next month's Consumer Electronics Show, Samsung and LG will both show off their own respective 105-inch curved Ultra High Definition TVs. The curved TVs surpass the smaller 55-inch HD curved TVs that both companies introduced earlier this year in both pixels and image quality.

At this year's CES, we declared curved TVs the best thing in TV tech since sliced bread. (Way more impressive than 3D TVs.) With these two gigantic curved TVs, Samsung and LG have finally solved the only issue we had with their 55-inch curved TVs: resolution.

Both curved UHD TVs will sport a 21:9 aspect ratio with whopping 5120x2160 resolutions, which is ideal for watching cinematic movies without the distracting letterboxing. One interesting thing to note is that neither TV uses OLED technology, which produces the deepest blacks. Since both TVs are LCDs, they should also be more affordable. For reference, Samsung's 55-inch curved OLED TV costs $9,000.

The picture up top is LG's curved 105-inch TV. Here's Samsung's:

Back in January, we wrote this about Samsung's curved OLED TV:

So clear is Samsung's curved set and so deep are the blacks, I almost thought the moving objects on the screen were popping out in 3D, but the TV wasn't operating in 3D. Samsung's reps say the panel's curve allows for IMAX-like fields of view. Staring directly at the TV from a from a five-foot distance head-on feels like your eyeballs are being sucked right into the screen.

We cannot wait to see how the larger screen size and higher 4K resolution add to this kind of retinal bliss.

Naturally, pricing or releases weren't announced. We may hear something from the companies next month, but you can probably guess these TVs are going to cost a big bundle of cash.

Via Samsung Tomorrow and LG Pressroom

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