Fedex dismisses delivery drones, researches them anyway

Credit: NBCUniversal

Just about everyone, from Amazon to UPS to DHL, has been talking up delivery drones lately. Everyone, that is, except for FedEx. Now it seems that FedEx has, in fact, been developing their own quadrotor-driven delivery 'bots, but the company is a little less than thrilled by the concept.

The announcement came more in the form of an admission, when FedEx CEO Frederick Smith spoke with Wall Street analysts during this morning's quarterly earnings call. Rather than taking up the fanfare of practically all of FedEx's competitors, Smith laughed when asked about the subject and then stated that the company's Chief Information Officer was looking into it.

FedEx's Chief Information Officer is a man by the name of Robert B. Carter. He also happens to be a quadrotor enthusiast, so when Smith stated that Carter's most recent results from his drone research were that "it can operate about eight minutes and carry about four Budweiser beers,” we can probably assume that he was joking — probably.

Smith went on to say that FedEx is indeed taking a serious look at delivery drones, but that the announcements from Amazon et al. were more "mythology" than actual state of the industry. According to Smith, we likely won't be seeing delivery drones anytime soon. On the other hand, if you live within eight minutes of Robert Carter's house and you only need a couple of beers, you could be in luck.

The Wall Street Journal, via The Verge

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