Charge your phone while working out with this kinetic jump rope

Most of us spend far too much time sitting on the couch using some kind of electronic gadget, so what if we were forced to get up and exercise just to keep that gadget power up and running?

The PULSE kinetic jump rope looks pretty much like any regular kid's toy jump rope, only hidden in the handles are a pair of tiny dynamos connected to a rechargeable battery. As you jump the spinning rope juices up the battery, which you can then use to add life to your cellphone's charge. This is pretty similar in concept to that SOCCKET kinetic energy soccer ball from the same manufacturer Uncharted Play, that we saw earlier this year.

As with most forms of exercise, I have found that incentive is the key. So perhaps you could try something like tossing away the regular wall charger you normally keep at work, forcing you to have a quick workout just so you can have enough battery power to stay connected on the trip home.

The PULSE jump rope is available now in a limited beta test run of 100 units for $129 each.

Uncharted Play, via Springwise

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