Video of the Day: Flying over Titan's methane lakes

Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/ASI/USGS

Titan is one Saturn's most interesting moons, and in fact is arguably one of the most interesting moons in the entire solar system, because it's the only one that has a liquid cycle, with lakes and rivers and things like that. Instead of water, though, Titan has lakes made of nearly 100 percent pure methane, although the methane on Titan acts much like water does on Earth. It probably even rains methane, which is pretty awesome, as long as you like very very cold hydrocarbons.

The video below is a rendering of what it would look like to fly around some of the lakes up near Titan's north pole. It was put together by NASA using radar data from Cassini, and until we can open a Titan cruise line, it's the best look we're going to get.

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JPL, via Slate

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