Plant some flowers the macho way: from the end of a shotgun

Like it or not, shotguns (and most guns) are designed for killing things, rather than as tools that can brings us life and joy. A company in Sweden wants to change that perception and get us to literally change our swords into plowshares, by loading our shotguns with these life-giving flower seed shells.

The Flower Shell looks just like any regular 12-gauge shotgun shell, except that instead of being filled with lead shot or a slug, the cartridge comes leaded with seeds that can grow into a field of beautiful flowers. You simply stand in the middle of the field you want to beautify, and fire away in several directions spreading the seeds around. This sounds like the type of gardening that even the most macho of dudes could get into.

The Flower Shell is being crowdfunded through Indiegogo, and for the initial run, there will be shells with red poppies, red peonies and blue cornflowers. Eventually, there are plans to have 12 different varieties of seeds, with more to be added later. Peony seeds are much larger than poppy seeds, so the number of seeds in each shell depends somewhat on which flower you choose. In any case, for a pledge of $50, you'll be sent a box of four shells when they start shipping in a couple of months. That means you'll get them in plenty of time for the flower planting season. Better still, you can call your hunting buddies, and check out their reactions when you tell them you want to have a flower planting party.

Check out the short video to see some of the shells being tested.

Flower Shell, via CNet

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