Mini arm-worn jet packs let you soar underwater like Superman

Give your legs a break from all that intense underwater kicking with these mini jet packs that strap onto your arms and propel you through the water. At least that's what S.C.P. Marine Innovation, a U.K.-based startup hopes to deliver next year.

The "x2 Underwater Jet Pack" is a portable propulsion system designed by Simon and Chris Parke, two brothers that founded S.C.P. Marine Innovation, that will supposedly let scuba and free-divers "fly around underwater" and perform underwater acrobatic stunts as if they were Superman (or Aquaman).

So far, little has been revealed on the X2 Underwater Jet Pack and how it actually works. S.C.P Marine Innovation's press release only states that the arm-worn jet packs have "the latest lithium battery technology coupled with state of the art digital motors and a wireless control system" and "is fast, maneuverable, un-tethered." The jet packs can also generate "powerful vectored thrusts" that amplify movements of the user's arms.

Here's what the system looks like in prototype form right now:

And here a concept of what S.C.P. hopes the x2 Underwater Jet Pack will (hopefully) look like in its final form:

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to tell you there's a huge gap between the prototype and the concept. That doesn't make the x2 Underwater Jet Pack any less cool, though. S.C.P. still needs to get the jet pack funded, so if you Mr. Moneybags, want to toss them a check, feel free to do so. Right now, S.C.P. says the x2 Underwater Jet Pack is 31 percent funded.

Like so many crazy ideas, the kicker to the x2 Underwater Jet Packs is its price: $5,700. Then again, I think regular non-acrobatic scuba diving and underwater exploration will suffice for most people.

YouTube, via ShareIn

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