First Steam Machines and funky controller unboxings hit the Net

Credit: colbehr/imgur

Sony and Microsoft may have just kickstarted the next-generation of console gaming with their PlayStation 4 and Xbox One launches last month, but Valve is crashing the party with its new Steam Machine prototypes.

Valve promised to ship out 300 Steam Machine prototype consoles with prototype Steam Controllers to random Steam users who completed its scavenger hunt and the first ones arrived over the weekend.

YouTube user Corey Nelson was one of those lucky winners of a Steam Machine and of course, he made an unboxing video. As you can see, Valve pulled out all of the stops to make unboxing the prototype machines look epic. Just check out the sweet wooden box it comes in:

But Nelson didn't stop at an unboxing. Since the Steam Machine is a PC, and Valve actually wants users to hack and tinker with it, Nelson went ahead and did a teardown, too (sorry iFixit!):

Surprisingly, the entire Steam Machine case is held together with just one screw.

As per Valve's quirky dual trackpad-equipped controller, Nelson has two videos. The first is a fairly straightforward overview of the gamepad and the second shows him playing Saints Row IV on his regular Windows PC, which works just fine:

But what does gaming on the Steam OS look like? Like this:

and this:

and THIS:

And if you really want to get all geeky, here are some 3DMark benchscores while running Windows and Steam OS:

Lastly, if you don't have time to look at videos right now and just want to ogle at a pretty black box, Imgur user colbehr also has a ton of pretty pictures of his Steam Machine here.

So far, the Steam Machine looks pretty snazzy. Remember, these boxes from Valve are just prototype machines. Official Steam Machines will come out next year from various companies with different prices (some as low as $499), depending on the specs.

With Steam Machines pushing PC gaming into the living room, new consoles from Microsoft and Sony, the promise of Oculus Rift finally getting a consumer model and more mobile games than you'll ever have time to play, next year is poised to become a really, really great year for gaming.

Via Imgur and YouTube

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