All hail Google, our new robotic overlords

Google is planning to take over the robotics industry by storm. Recently, Google acquired seven start-up robotics companies, which led many to wonder what it (and Android co-founder Andy Rubin) was planning. Now we know (sorta): Google is planning something huge by acquiring Big Dog’s creator, Boston Dynamics.

Boston Dynamics is not just responsible for Big Dog, a robot creature nearly ripped from the video game Half Life 2, but it’s also responsible for other models like ATLAS and Petman. This is significant because it’s been previously thought that Google was more interested in industrial applications for robots, but the acquisition of Boston Dynamics means Google is also looking at robots with military capabilities — the majority of Boston Dynamics contracts are with the Pentagon. This goes in line with what we’ve said all along: Google is Skynet. Google has stated that it does plan to honor all current Boston Dynamics military contracts, but of course, they also state that was not their original intent in buying Boston Dynamics. But we’ve all seen Terminator: We know how this ends, right?

Regardless of what shape our new robot overlords take, Google's buyout of Boston Dynamics means that the company is obviously very serious about its robotics division and is looking to expand robotics not just in industry, perhaps working on factory floors, but also to our homes, maybe giving us the stuff of science fiction like robot maids and nannies. Considering Google is also working on developing better artificial intelligence technology, it’s only a matter of time before Isaac Asimov’s I, Robot becomes fact, rather than fiction.

All joking aside, it’s exciting to see a company as large as Google taking enough interest in robotics to move the industry to the next level. Now, if they could only work on that realistic flying car that we’ve all been waiting for...

Via New York Times

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