Image of the Day: You can buy this money vault to swim in

The end goal in life for pretty much everybody is, or should be, having a giant pile of money to swim in. Up for auction is this shortcut, which will let you spend the giant pile of money that I'm assuming you have on a slightly smaller but much more tangible pile of money contained in a Swiss bank vault. This pile consists of eight million five-cent Swiss Franc coins. That's 15 tons of money.

A five-cent Swiss Franc coin is approximately equivalent to $0.05 in U.S. dollars, so for the entire hoard, we're talking about less than $500,000 worth of liquid cash, as it were. Chump change, really. The bulk of the value (and most of the bulk) may be in the vault itself, which was entirely handmade over 100 years ago and still functions. You have to buy the entire room all at once, and when you do, it'll be taken apart and then reassembled wherever you want. Might we suggest on top of the ruins of Fort Duckberg?

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James Edition, via Gizmodo

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