Video of the Day: Fireworks you can taste

In today's world of endless mobile entertainment and immersive virtual reality, fireworks simply don't cut it as a visual spectacle anymore. This is obviously because the fireworks themselves are somehow deficient, as opposed to the fact that we're all desensitized and overstimulated, so in a bid to make exploding lights interesting again, food scientists Bompas & Parr will be mixing in both smells and tastes.

Smells are easy enough: you just replace the gunpowder scent that all fireworks seem to ship with for some reason with something a little more stimulating. Taste is a bit trickier, but by mixing in some fancy chemistry and what appears to be a flavor cannon (which is something I desperately need in my kitchen), the plan is to make it rain flavor debris from the fireworks that you'll be able to eat out of midair. Seriously.

The spectacle is scheduled to go down over New Year's in London, but the event will also be streamed live around the world via a smartphone app.

Please refrain from eating your smartphone.

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Daily Mail, via Inhabitat

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