Eye Mirror records interactive, panoramic videos for Oculus Rift

Credit: Eye Mirror

One of the chief complaints about how ubiquitous cameras and video equipment are these days is that too many people are busy filming to really experience life. There's also the worry that, even though you're recording and in the right place, you could miss something awesome because you were too busy filming a squirrel. Thankfully, there's a new bit of hardware out there that can record all your most awesome memories without your help — even those parts you missed.

It's called the Eye Mirror GP360 and what this little doohickey does is record 360 degree videos that you can later watch on your computer or interact with through Oculus Rift. Of course resolutions will vary depending on your camera, but with a GoPro Hero 3 hooked up and running a bit of proprietary firmware, the Eye Mirror can churn out a 3,040 x 3,040 resolution at 22 frames per second. That's some quality HD viewing right there.

There's also a bit of software that Eye Mirror has worked up which samples video at 60 frames per second for Oculus Rift head tracking, which the company states will reduce jerky playback. The software, which is necessary to run the videos on Oculus Rift, does cost extra (about $90). That's pretty crappy, since you have to buy Eye Mirror's hardware for a bare minimum of $195 (while early bird units last) to shoot your vids in the first place.

There's a chance that Eye Mirror will refund the $90 software fee if its crowdfunding campaign hits $100,000. Either way, it's a lot of cash to shell out for a camera add-on, but the ability to turn your head and see what was happening behind you during your favorite memories is a pretty awesome thing. Eye Mirror lenses and kits for non-GoPro cameras start around $380, so be sure you have a camera you're going to keep around for the long haul before pre-ordering your Eye Mirror on the company's Kickstarter page.

Eye Mirror, via Kickstarter

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