Air purifying bike cleans the air as you ride

You might think that by riding a bike you're doing your part to save the planet, but what if you could actually improve the environment as you ride? That's the idea behind the Air Purifier Bike.

The Bangkok-based designers of the Air Purifier Bike describe it as using a photosynthesis system to clean the air using water and electricity from a battery. My memory from science class however, tells me that photosynthesis specifically refers to a plant using light, water, and carbon dioxide to create oxygen, so perhaps something was lost in translation.

The idea is that dirty polluted air gets sucked in through an intake near the handlebars, then it hits an area enclosed inside the frame where the reaction takes place. The purified oxygen then exits the frame through vents.

As with a lot of concepts, I think this design raises more questions than it answers. How much air cleaning can it actually do, and how will that be offset by the electricity needed to charge the battery? And how much heavier and harder will the bike be to ride with all of that stuff going on under you? Silawat Virakul the creative director on the project from Lightfog Creative and Design admits that the answers to these questions are still unknown, but he says that the company hopes to build a prototype to test the ideas.

Check out the gallery to see more renderings of Lightfog's Air Purifying Bike concept.

Red Dot Award, via Fast Company

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