Create music by waving your arms with this iPhone synthesizer

Accessories that turn your iDevice into some kind of musical instrument are nothing new, but this one looks far cooler than most. The Auug Motion Synth is based around a keyboard that fits on your iPhone or iPod touch, forming a grip that attaches to your wrist for one-handed operation. It uses the iPhone's motion sensors to control the octave and other sonic characteristics.

The way you operate the Auug appears to be inspired by the theremin, invented almost a century ago as one of the very first electronic instruments. Much like a theremin, the Auug senses how you move and position your hand, although unlike with the century-old instrurment, you do actually touch the thing. The Auug can also be used to control and manipulate the sound of other instruments or a singer's voice kind of like a vocoder or harmonizer, and it can even interface with Ableton Live music production software.

Like most synthesizers, the Auug lets you adjust a wide range of parameters to create a particular type of sound, which can then be stored as a preset otherwise known as a patch. You can share your presets with other Auug users through a cloud-based community, or download presets created by others.

The Auug Motion Synth is being crowdsourced as a Kickstarter project, which is now 82 percent funded with just eight days to go. Pledges that will get you an Auug start at $68, with several deluxe packages if you want to kick in more.

Auug Motion Synth, via Uncrate

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