Circuit Scribe lets you doodle electric circuits on paper

The crowdfunding masses have spoken and soon the world will officially be home to Circuit Scribe, the pen that draws in circuits. Looking just like your average ballpoint pen, Circuit Scribe doesn't immediately scream "million dollar idea." But with over three weeks left in its Kickstarter campaign, this little doodling device is already half way there.

Initially, Jennifer Lewis, Brett Walker and Analisa Russo just wanted to create a basic tool that could help students get a grasp on what a circuit was and how electronics worked. They put together a quick-drying ink that could carry an electric current and worked up some very cool magnetic components that could snap right onto whatever conductive doodling students would come up with. They set a decently ambitious goal of $85,000 for their crowdfunding campaign and let their idea loose on the masses.

As of this article, well over 9,000 people have jumped on board — and not all of them can be science teachers. Circuit Scribe is one of those inventions that goes exceedingly well with other successful DIY electronics kits, plus it gives enthusiasts the chance to snap up new components at the same time. Folks who already snatched up a Makey Makey or Arduino kit would be silly not to purchase a cheap Circuit Scribe kit.

As the funds continue to climb for the Circuit Scribe team, we will likely see more from these brainy folks in the future. Resistor and insulator pens could be on the horizon, and the team has already pledged to create an educational portal for STEM students to get the most out of their Circuit Scribe pens. If you haven't yet added to the $486,000 raised so far, the basic kit will run you only $20 on Kickstarter.

Via Kickstarter

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