Nissan BladeGlider EV: Half glider, half race car and all awesome

Credit: Nissan

Hang gliding in air can be a pretty dangerous activity. You risk crashing into trees, sudden, erratic bursts of wind and probably motion sickness, so it's probably a safer bet to do it on land, preferably in a streamlined, futuristic and overall wickedly cool-looking vehicle like the Nissan BladeGlider, which debuted just yesterday at the Tokyo Motor Show.

Inspired by the aerial engineering of a glider and the "triangular shape" of a "high performance swept wing aircraft," this is one electric vehicle that looks anything but dorky when cruising down the highway with zero emissions. The vehicle features a lightweight 3.2 feet front track and a wider, stable rear track to provide superior balance and aerodynamics that improve maneuverability and reduces drag. Nissan designers purposely did not add any showy components like wings or excessive mods that might induce drag and slow the vehicle down.

Triangular Shape, Superior Speed

Since the front wheels are closer together, resulting in a 30/70 weight distribution, high-g cornering power is also possible. The BladeGlider's underbody consists of a lightweight yet sturdy carbon-fiber material that provides downforce. The outer chassis itself resembles that of a race car's, and is manufactured from carbon-fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP).

The car can seat up to three people in a triangular layout, with two in the back cockpit and the driver right in the front. The lucky driver will be able to experience a near-360 view of his/her surroundings, similar to an actual race car, while the BladeGlider's IT system displays relief maps and atmospheric conditions.

In order to keep everything compact and shipshape, the BladeGlider's lithium-ion batteries are placed in the lower-rear side of the vehicle. Nissan may also for the first time be using in-wheel motors in the final iteration of the BladeGlider to further its space-efficiency and provide extra rear-wheel propulsion and separate motor management.

And if all of that doesn't sell you on the BladeGlider, just look at that interior...

Via Nissan

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