This bulletproof suit is fit for Bond, but tailored for you

In most offices, the worst thing you can expect to happen is being fired, not fired upon. But for the customers of Canadian tailor Garrison Bespoke, that's not the case. Based on an actual client request, Garrison has worked up a suit that will have you stopping both hearts and bullets. There's no word as of yet whether the request came from a certain licensed-to-kill operative within MI6.

The suit's impressive bullet-stopping properties come from multiple sheets of carbon nanotubes, hidden within its lining. Provided by the same unnamed company which outfits the U.S. Army Special Forces, these carbon nanotube sheets make the suit strong enough to stop bladed weapons, 9mm rounds and even rounds from a Colt .45. The carbon nanotubes make the bulletproof suit much lighter than a Kevlar vest, while also allowing for more flexibility and a thinner look overall.

Carbon nanotubes tend to tighten their weave when introduced to point force, meaning that stabbing the wearer of the bulletproof suit is pretty much useless. That point was put to the test when Garrison Bespoke's owner Michael Nguyen donned the suit and let his employees take turns stabbing him with a hunting knife. Nguyen emerged unscathed from the stunt, likely garnering a few more orders for his trouble.

In fact, Garrison's bulletproof suits are so hard to destroy that making alterations has to be done with a bandsaw, so unless one of Nguyen's employees had shown up with Leatherface in tow, he knew he was safe. As you might expect, the bulletproof suit doesn't come cheap. Each suit will cost you about $20,000 and there's already a waiting list for these uniquely high-class protective garments.

Garrison Bespoke, via Gizmag

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