Full-scale Millennium Falcon already has Han Solo-worthy cockpit

Credit: Wikia

It's not everyday that someone decides to drop everything and build a full-scale model of the Millennium Falcon, but one man from Tennessee just couldn't resist the geeky allure.

Chris Lee, a huge Star Wars fanboy and an original member of the 501st Legion of Imperial Stormtroopers (operating number TK-326) took his intergalactic appreciation to the next level by taking on a fan-funded, correctly-scaled version of the famous spacecraft. Using a concrete foundation, steel, plywood and other industrial materials to build the base, Lee and his six-person crew made it possible for fellow Star Wars fans to enter a Millennium Falcon that was up to Warsies standard-snuff.

The full-scale model will be a whopping 114 feet in length and 24.9 feet high from top to bottom when it's completed. Lee has set aside a dedicated 400' x 400' swath of land and put up a dedicated workshop/storage facility on his 88-acre property in order to ensure his precious recreation had plenty of build space. The interior of the Falcon cockpit features hand-sculpted and CNC routed props and cabin furnishings crafted out of resin, 3D printing and other materials.

One complication Lee encountered during building was a scaling discrepancy between the original movie Millennium Falcon set prop and its interior, which did not coordinate in terms of dimension as the interior set of its cockpit was a lot larger than the exterior cockpit area. Lee solved this conundrum by basing measurements upon numbers provided on the Ship of Riddles website and the DK Ultimate Collection blueprints.

Currently, Lee estimates it will "take many years" to finish building the Millennium Falcon, though the Full Scale Falcon team has shown off portions of its cockpit at GMX and Maker Faire. Be sure to watch the video tour of the Falcon through Google Glass below. For now, we wish them full light-speed ahead!

Via Full Scale Falcon

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