Futuristic airport terminal in China's bootleg capital now complete

Credit: Fuksas

Around these geeky tech circles, everyone chuckles when they hear Shenzhen brought up in conversation. The "bootleg capital" located in southern China is often mocked for cranking out knockoffs of iPhones, iPads and other tech gadgetry (among all kinds of bootleg products) at an incredible speed. (Sometimes even before the official product is launched.)

Fake iPhones aside, Shenzhen's Bao-an International Airport is now home to this modern terminal. The airport's new Terminal 3 was designed by Italy's Studio Fuksas to look like a cross between an airplane and manta ray. Built from steel, concrete and glass, the organic and fluid structure is covered with hexagonal cut-outs to let light filter in and adapt its ambiance.

According to the designer's website, the airport's organic interior are supposed to bring to reality the idea of movement and pause. The 5.3 million square feet terminal has three levels and is expected to service 45 million people per year. The cost to build such an urban fancy: about $1.4 billion.

It sure beats flying into JFK or LAX any day, that's for sure.

Fuksas, via WebUrbanist

(All images by Fuksas)

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