Video of the Day: Killer seahorse

Seahorses are not big. Seahorses are not, in general, fast. And yet, seahorses manage a 90 percent success rate at catching tiny little crustaceans that can move at 500 body lengths per second. To give that a little perspective, if a copepod was the size of you, it would be moving at 2,000 miles per hour. It's not just speed, either: it's reaction time, as a copepod can zip away in about two milliseconds after it feels threatened.

It seems like it would be impossible for a seahorse to catch, much less surprise, a copepod, but a seahorse actually strikes faster than two milliseconds. In addition to having a millisecond strike time, it uses its specially designed snout to minimize the disturbance of water, which is what tips off copepods in the first place.

Watch a seahorse strike a copepod in the video below; keep in mind that you're looking a high-speed digital 3D holography, and you still cannot see the actual strike.

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Via University of Texas

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