Video of the Day: Personalized driving soundtrack

If I wasn't driving around in an old Volvo station wagon all the time, I'd be rockin' out to a mental soundtrack as I cruised down the highway. My mental soundtrack would probably be bagpipes, but that's my own thing. Anyway, Volkswagen (who makes cars that aren't old Volvos) has developed a smartphone app that tracks everything that's going on in your car as you drive, including speed, RPM, acceleration rate, GPS location, and G-forces. Somehow, it works all of those into a dynamic soundtrack that plays through your car's speakers, changing constantly depending on how you drive.

While you can't download the app yet (Volkswagen is keeping it for itself and a lucky few), it's kind of cool to think about the potential for interacting with your car on this level. Watch the video below to see how it works, and hear how it sounds.

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Volkswagen, via Gizmodo

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