Happy Thanksgiving from the crew of the ISS

Credit: NASA

Thanksgiving is a time to come together and enjoy the companionship of those we love. It's also a time to gorge yourself on a coma-inducing amount of food. For the Americans aboard the International Space Station (ISS) neither of those traditions are quite possible, but that doesn't mean they're not celebrating.

NASA astronauts Rick Mastracchio and Mike Hopkins recently recorded a video showcasing what it means to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday while floating 250 miles above the Earth. On this year's menu are turkey, something called "stuffed bread dressing" and a mix-while-you-eat green bean casserole. There will also be some drinks and an as-of-yet unnamed "fantastic dessert."

The fixings aren't exactly what you might call fit for a king, but the ISS crew looks to be in the best of spirits anyway, nearly giggling their way through their holiday message. Wherever you find yourself this holiday, here's to making it a happy one just like these folks are way above our heads.

NASA, via Youtube

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