Goldee's smart light switch lights the way to smarter homes

Credit: Goldee

Smart homes are slowly, but surely making their way into reality, and with them a whole swathe of smart gadgets. But what we think of when we imagine a truly smart home is one which will anticipate our needs and adapt around them. The makers of the Goldee smart light switch have taken your home's lighting and made it do just that.

What we think of today as a smart lighting system is something akin to the Phillips Hue smart bulb. It's app controlled, wireless-enabled and color-changing. Goldee takes the concept a step further, eliminating the need for an actively-controlled light bulb entirely. Instead, your light switch becomes a sensor, detecting not only your movements but the time of day and the ambient light levels in the room.

By doing this Goldee can create the right lighting for any moment. Going to bed starts a gentle, dimming sleep timer meant to relax you on the way to slumberland. Getting up in the middle of the night ques Goldee to give you just enough light to get to the fridge safely for that midnight snack. When you want to wake up, Goldee will slowly raise the lighting level and color it to mimic the rising of the sun.

Goldee also comes with some professionally-designed lighting presets that can be activated with the simple wave of your hand. Designated with names like "Autumn Park" and "Inspiration," these presets can help you feel at home no matter what mood you're in. You'll need to have a few smart bulbs to make the whole thing work properly, as well as a Goldee light switch in each room you want to make intelligent. Since smart bulbs are a pretty new idea in and of themselves, that can mean that a Goldee-controlled house can run you a pretty penny or two.

Thankfully, Goldee is actually running a crowdfunding campaign right now that offers its smart light switches for a discounted rate. Heading over to their website and snapping up a pre-ordered Goldee light switch will cost you $250 right now, instead of the planned retail price of $350. If you want Goldee to throw in a few light bulbs too, that'll run you $450. There's even a whole-house pack that will give you four rooms of intelligent lighting, complete with smart bulbs for a steep $1,699. But if you're serious about having a home that caters to your every whim, then a system like Goldee really should be on your list of home improvements.

Goldee, via TechCrunch