Kubo electric scooter actually has room for some big, heavy cargo

Credit: LIT Motors

The designers and engineers at San Francisco's LIT Motors aren't what you might call traditionalists. Their debut vehicle, the C-1 is somewhere between a Segway, a motorcycle and an electric car. For its second project, LIT Motors decided to attack the timeless bit of Americana that is the pickup truck.

Before you go fretting that the folks at LIT have lost their way, rest assured: this pickup is all scooter, and just like the C-1, it's 100 percent electric. Looking a bit like a traditional scooter that's had its engine stolen, Kubo makes the most of the freedom of design which electric motors can offer.

Where an internal combustion engine would be there is instead a void, ready and waiting to be filled with up to two square feet of cargo. That isn't a ton of space, but the Kubo doesn't really aim to entirely replace your monster truck. With a weight capacity of just 300 pounds, it'd be happier carting around you and your groceries or maybe a couple of new appliances.

The Kubo also sports what would have to be considered an around-town range, maxing out at 50 miles per charge. On the upside, it does come with an on-board charger which allows you to charge it up wherever your chores take you. In true LIT Motors form, the company is debuting their new scooter in a nontraditional fashion. If you want to pre-order a Kubo of your own, head on over to LIT Motors' Kickstarter page. As of the writing of this article there were still a handful of early bird units available for $5,000 a pop.

Kickstarter, via LIT Motors